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The New Norm

The New Norm So the Eagles have finally done it. How hard is it to get a team to the super bowl and win? For life long Eagles fans you would say very hard. There are so many variables in the equation that it is mind blowing. Your own players, the opponents, the injuries, the weird TV time outs, the extended half time, and let's not leave out the officiating. Yet with all of that, as we watched the last throw go up in the air fall to the ground with no time left on the clock, the ultimate was achieved. My first thought was, here are these men that have dreamed of that stage and that moment since they were little boys. Only a select few will ever experience that. Of all the football greats that have worn an Eagle's jersey, this is the first team that has gotten it done. I love how this team and this coach has embraced the city and its former players. That it was great programs do. Then to top it all off, Doug Pederson told Philly to get use to this, this is the new norm. That phrase hit home with me. The new norm should be the mantra of every practice. When you go out on the track, in the weight room or in the field, the way you conduct practice is basically telling your body this is the norm. You go through a workout half invested in it and that is what you are telling your body. The guys I ran with in college were very competitive. A few of us would tend to be out at practice early, and we got in the habit of running a mile in lane 5 before we would warm up or do drills. 3 3/4 of a lap in lane 5 was a mile. It started off basic, 6:00. Then we kept lowering each time we would do it. Before we knew it, we would be out there running a 5:00 mile before we even stretched or did drills. But that was becoming the norm. We were basically telling our bodies, "you're expected to do this". You go out and do repeat 200's that are supposed to be fast and just run them to run them, that is what you are telling your body is the norm. Now there is a time and a place for everything. Hard workout, recovery run, day off, they all serve their purpose, but you and only you can answer what your effort is. Certainly there is perceived effort. There are outside was windy, it was raining, I am sick, I'm just having an off day. Again I go back to the many variables that go into training and into competing. As the new season gets ready to start, many of you have an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Some maybe need to make a complete 180. Maybe others just need to turn their head just a little so that it faces forward. We embark on a new season with a new coaching staff. One thing for certain is that you have a bunch of coaches that are passionate about this sport and want to see every girl reach their potential. You will certainly see girls out for this sport for all types of reasons. My friends are all on the track team. I just want to be a part of something. I just want to get in shape. I want to be one of the best in SJ, the best in the State. I want to be a school record holder, I just want to be around awesome coaches. Well maybe not the last reason, but you can see everyone has different motives. We as a coaching staff don't coach to simply work with the best athletes on the team, we want to work with those individuals that are willing to show up everyday and work hard.

There are many types of athletes: The workout hero, that girl that always seems to be ready to kill the last one after taking it easy the whole workout.

The complainer, that girl that has a negative comment during every workout. Why do we have to do that many? Can we split this up into more groups?

The lap short, that girl that is there at the start of every workout, but mysteriously never finishes. Some call this the alien abducted athlete.

The disappearing act, this is the girl that the coaches wonder if they are still on the team.

The Warm up winner, that girl that is Olympic during the warm up, but then spent the rest of the practice.

Coaches workhorse, that girl that does everything that is asked of her. First to practice and last to leave.

The team mom, this is the girl that is always looking out for everyone on the team. Who needs a hair tie?

Of course most of these are bad stereo types. I know I have certainly fallen into many of the characteristics at one point or another during my career, but I would say that it was early on in my career. At the start of every season, we will surely have every one of these types of athletes on our team at one point or another. My dad always told me that if I wanted to be successful that I should surround myself with people that were better than me. They ultimately will push you and help you achieve your goal. So what is your New Norm. What are you willing to do to achieve that mark?

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