State Group 4

The State Group 4 Championship meet was one of the coldest that I can remember in the past few years. This meet was bitter sweet for us this year. Kate Rathman finished 10th earning her a trip to the Meet of Champions this coming Saturday. She becomes our first MOC qualifier since Megan Lacy and her time of 19:27 is #4 all time at Holmdel in school history. Unfortunately Sophia Eick did not have the kind of State meet that she had hoped for. Before the race even started, the cold was messing with her breathing. It was evident a half mile into the race that something was not right with her. After nearly blacking out at the top of the bowl, she had to remove herself from the race. Taking out o

Sectionals Recap~States Bound

The Cherokee girls Cross Country team had an exceptional day at the South Jersey Group IV Sectional Championship meet. Having not qualified for the State meet as a team since 2012, we knew how hard it was to be in the top 5 at the sectional meet. Going into the meet we knew 3rd, 4th, or 5th was very possible, but we needed everyone to race as they have been all season. Consistent. One minor mishap, and there would be plenty of teams that would be more than willing to step up and take one of those spots. When you #2 runner has been getting sick during the morning and during the warm up, We didn't know what to expect once the gun went off. With less than mile into the race it was evident that

Can you believe it has been four years.

Can you believe that it has been four years already, or three years already, or even one season already. Time certainly has a way of going by quickly right before your eyes, but back to the basic question. Do you believe? If you didn’t believe it was possible, one would question why are you doing what you are doing then. Eventually you will reach a point where you have to show up. You train. For some months, for some seasons, and even for some years. For that one shot. That one opportunity and at that moment you want all the preparation that you have done to pay off. If it doesn’t, does that make it not worth it? Why do we run? This question has been asked of me far too many times. It is t

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