Haddonfield Invitational Recap

The Haddonfield Invitational at Pennypacker park saw some amazing races this year. The weather was great for racing and the team took advatage of the opportunity with 12 girls running their fastest 5k ever. In the JV A race, Alyssa Blackmon ran under 22 minutes for the first time ever running 21:37 to place 10th. Casey Wrightson and Angie Arnett also dipped under running 21:52 and 21:55 to finish 15th and 16th. Emma DellaFemina was the next girl in running 23:04 to place 50th. Liz Powell had a huge pr race running 23:18 to finish 56th. Chloe Pasquarello was 66th running 23:53, Anna Ranalli was 69th running 23:58, and Hayley Fogia was 70th running 24:04. The Team placed 4th out of the 8 teams

Olympic Conference Recap

A cool brisk Friday saw the entire Olympic Conference gather at Rowan's west campus for this year's Conference Championship. A little different than other varsity races, this race allowed us to enter twelve runners instead of the traditional seven. Going into the meet, we knew Shawnee was the sure favorite to win the meet with second likely being either us or Seneca. When the dust settled, Seneca edged us out by three points for second place. The girls certainly raced though. All twelve saw their fastest time of the season, with ten of those being lifetime personal bests. The third place finish secured the American Divisional title since Shawnee and Seneca are not in the American Division.

Elephant in the room...

How do you eat an elephant? When you set goals, what do you focus on? The eagles are now 5-1 and many of the fans on the radio want to order their tickets to the Super Bowl. Yet one bad game, and the band wagon soon starts to get lighter. Most professional football players know they need to take it one game at a time. If you get too far ahead of yourself, that is when things typically don’t go the way you want them to. You must focus on the task at hand, and have the faith in all the preparation that you have done has prepared you for the battle. I have often heard the saying that you are only as good as your last game(race). When I hear that saying, I think of the team that wants to live

BC Open Recap

As the dust settled at Millcreek Park, we had a lot of great things happen yesterday. Thirteen girls ran their fastest 5k of the season. Eight girls ran their fastest time ever at Millcreek park, and the Varsity team managed to upset Seneca and finish 2nd behind a very strong Shawnee team. Let us first look at the JV Race. Angie Arnett ran over a minute faster than she did last year to finish 3rd over all for the girls and be the second sophomore to cross the line running 22:23. Casey Wrightson ran her fastest 5k of the season at 22:40 to finish 6th over all. Emma DellaFemina was next to cross the line running her lifetime best of 23:16 to place 12th. Other JV Runners that saw season best ra

Battling the Storm

I once heard someone say one of three things is true. You are either: 1. Heading into a storm 2. In the storm 3. Or coming out of the storm Which ever situation you are in right now, it goes without saying that who you surround yourself with will often dictate how you respond to the given situation. Not only is this true in life, but it carries over to the athletic field. If you surround yourself with those individuals that are negative before the pain even sets in, how much harder is it to stay positive? If you are around those individuals that give up at the the moment things start to get uncomfortable, how easy is it to give in? It is easy to be gung ho when there is no pain, but it is wh

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