#TrustTheProcess. If you have been in the Philadelphia area for the past few years you are all too familiar with the phrase trust the process and hopefully this is the year it comes to fruition for the 76'ers. As a distance coach, I ask you to trust the process, but more importantly trust the science. Being a mathematician, I work well with variables. Solving, combining take your pick. It could be one variable, two variable or multi variable equations I can set it up and solve. But how many variables are there in reaching your racing goals. There are so many variables that lead up to the actual day of the race, let alone all the variables or intangibles that occur on race day to even count

Cherokee Challenge

So the start of the season was upon us, and what a great start. The weather for the Cherokee Challenge was the best that we have had in years. Although we have 4 freshman out for the team, none of them raced. The sophomore race was our first test of the day. Kate Rathman ran roughly 47 seconds faster than she did last year to clock 11:54.78 to finish 3rd over all. Her time was also 3rd fastest by anyone in the state that competed. It also ties Megan Lacy's soph class record for the Challenge course. Next across the line were Angie Arnett14:24(87th), Casey Wrightson 14:48(111th), Alyssa Blackmon 15:04(123rd), Chloe Pasquarello 15:07(128th), Anna Ranalli 15:33(162nd) and Carolina Bazzen 16:22(

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