Athletes of the Week

Athletes of the Week Spring Track & Field: Fejiro Akiri Madison Fearon Brianna King Riley Gleason Shannon Young Abby Gilmore Indoor Track & Field: Kate Rathman Brianna King Kianah Jordan Maria Miller Anna Juszczyszyn Shannon Young Cross Country: Taylor Kligerman Shannon Young Kate Rathman Micaela Sims Sophia Eick Riley Gleason Brooke Dunn

Last One Best One

Last one best one... This was a common mantra of the distance girls during workouts. Kassie Kromish her freshman year started saying it and soon it caught on. Whether it was Kassie, Jess McAdams, Lexi Wilson, or Gabby Vassalotti! Generally someone would utter the phrase when we were on the last part of any workout. Basically saying, this is it for the workout and let's make it our best. We had a saying in college that the last one always took care of itself. We knew the hardest one was always the one right before the last one. We were engrained to think the last one was almost like auto pilot. We knew we could get through it. It is like the final 100 of a 400m race, or the last 200m in a

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