Who influences you?

Within the past two weeks, the running community has had an extreme low point and an extreme high point. Have you ever heard the expression guilty by association? Watching this year's Track & Field World championship, that phrase hung over a few of the athletes at the games. With the ruling against Nike Oregon Project coach Alberto Salazar over doping violations, this scandal put a black cloud over some of the athletes that have known him as coach. I am not sure that we will ever know the whole truth of what happened, but it seems one person and even a company's obsession with success clouded their morals. Still, unfortunate for some athletes, there will always be that question of did they k

Ever feel stuck?

How many of you have ever had a song stuck in your head that you just couldn't shake? For me this week, it has been the song, Stuck in a moment, by U2. To be even more specific not the album version but the live acoustic version with just Bono and the Edge on Late Night with David Letterman. Needless to say, this song has been on repeat for me non stop. The story behind the song is quite unique. Bono and the other members of U2 wrote this song about a friend, Michael Hutchence, the lead singer from INXS that died at an early age of 37. This song was the conversation Bono had wished he had with him before his death. As I listen to the lyrics, I think that they are so fitting of a lot of the t

Lady Chiefs Tribe

What exactly is Lady Chiefs Tribe? When I was deciding on what to name our website many years ago, I could have easily gone with the obvious choices. Lady Chiefs running, Lady Chiefs XC & TF, or even Chiefs Cross Country and Track and Field. None of those really got across the meaning of all three sports that I coach. Our school district has tied in the Native American ties of South Jersey to all of its schools. The Lenape Indians, the Shawnee Renegades, the Cherokee Chiefs, and the Seneca Golden Eagles. Going with this theme, I decided that we needed to be a tribe. Of course every tribe needs a Chief, but it is the community aspect of a tribe that drew me towards the name. All three sports

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