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Lady Chiefs Tribe

What exactly is Lady Chiefs Tribe? When I was deciding on what to name our website many years ago, I could have easily gone with the obvious choices. Lady Chiefs running, Lady Chiefs XC & TF, or even Chiefs Cross Country and Track and Field. None of those really got across the meaning of all three sports that I coach.

Our school district has tied in the Native American ties of South Jersey to all of its schools. The Lenape Indians, the Shawnee Renegades, the Cherokee Chiefs, and the Seneca Golden Eagles. Going with this theme, I decided that we needed to be a tribe. Of course every tribe needs a Chief, but it is the community aspect of a tribe that drew me towards the name. All three sports inherently draw themselves to the team aspect. Obviously cross country definitely has the team aspect more closely related to it, but both indoor and outdoor track also present themselves with that entire team concept. Not just runners but also field athletes.

To have a good team, you need to be well rounded. So the tribe is what best represents us and what better way to see what it means to be a part of a tribe than to look at the One Anothers. These are things that are for every member. Not just the best, not just the dedicated, but to everyone that wants to become part of the tribe. So what are the One Anothers you ask? They are the following:

Encourage one another.

Connect with one another.

Serve one another.

Comfort one another.

Restore one another.

Accept one another.

Forgive one another.

Welcome one another.

Unify one another.

Admonish one another.

Live in harmony with one another.

Edify one another.

Confess to one another.

Pray for one another.

These are the qualities that will not only benefit you as a member of the tribe, but will ultimately make the tribe better as a whole. So when you say you are part of the Lady Chiefs Tribe, know what that means and know the responsibility that you have to yourself and to your teammates.

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