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Olympic Conference Qualifiers

Here is a list of the Confernce Qualifying Marks


100m - Morgan Clark, Gianna Thornton, Carolyn Strauss

200m - Tricia Donahue, Gianna Thornton, Carolyn Strauss

400m - Morgan Clark

800m - Jess McAdams

1600m - Jess McAdams, Hailey Bookwlater, Bree Gleasson

3200m - Jess McAdams, Hailey Bookwalter, Megan Gernhardt, Izzi Moraschi

Triple Jump - Joelle Wash, Sierra Keller

High Jump - Joelle Wash

Pole Vault - Emily Davis

Shot Put - Sarah Bowers

Discus - Kaela Schrier

Javelin - Kaela Schrier

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