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The Cherokee Challenge was one of the hottest that I can recall since 2001. It was certainly a rough way to start our season, but there were many great performances.

The day started off with Kate Rathman and Caroline Miller wearing Cherokee orange fir the first time ever. Kate blistered through the course and ran her way to a 3rd place medal. She was the top freshman from NJ running 12:41(#4 all time in freshman history).

In the sophomore race, Gabby Moraschi looked to pick up where she left off last season running 13:18 to finish 14th.

In the Junior race Sophia Eick ran an impressive 13:04 to place 19th. Julianne Gallagher ran 14:19 to place 54th in the senior race. The team finished 8th out of 37 teams and was the 2nd team from SJ scoring just the top finisher in each class race. In the merged team results(scoring your top 7) the team finished 19th out of 60 schools. 5th out of SJ schools. Looks to be a great start of the season.

Results: Cherokee Challenge

Place in race Name Time

3) Kate Rathman 12:41.06

14) Gabrielle Moraschi 13:13.00

19) Sophia Eick 13:04.54

54) Julianne Gallagher 14:19.00

77) Shannon Young 14:50.69

92) Tricia Donahue 15:12.00

104) Caroline Miller 16:13.90

107) Micaela Sims 15:35.00

131) Hayley Foglia 15:58.41

133) Taylor Kligerman 16:21.00

149) Elizabeth Powell 16:30.78

171) Jordan Konrad 17:36.00

183) Abby Gilmore 17:55.00

183) Rachel Kodluk 17:29.09

187) Lisa Dilullo 18:09.00

198) Brenna Merrigan 18:43.00

211) Carolyn Strauss 18:34.09

216) Brooke Dunn 19:56.00

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