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Batch Meet #2 Recap:

Today was our second meet at Dream Park this year. Again we made a big step in the right direction witheight girls running season best times.The varsity team was led by Nikki Clifford who led from start to finish to cross the line in 20:03. Kelsey Niglio, Kerry O'Day, and Lainy Bromley then went 3,4,5. Noelle Flazone had a big race to finish 7th and then Olivia Parkinson and Alli Rathman finished 9th and 10th. If scored the results would have looked like this:

Cherokee - 20

Washington Township - 64

Camden Catholic - 70

Lenape - 100

Seneca - 126

Winslow - 149

In the JV race, Meghan Carroll, Emma Parkinson, and Adriana Sommese took the first three spots.Nisa Gaharwar finished 11th and Jean Pasquarello was 17th. The JV scoring would have been:

Cherokee - 24

Washington Township - 31

Winslow - 68

The updated Dream Park top 10 All Time looks as follows:


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