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Never say goodbye, say until next time.

Today marks the last day for John McMichael at Cherokee high school. It really does seem like yesterday when I walked into his office when he first started working at Cherokee and asked him if he wanted to coach with me that year. To his surprise it started that winter season in 2004 and lasted until the 2014 outdoor season. Of course it didn't end in 2014. Little did I know when I first met him, that a friendship had just been born.

With me in my new role as head coach of all three season and John being a first year coach, we went through the ups and downs along the way. John certainly helped mold me into the way I coach and interact with athletes. Right away we worked well with each other. John was like minded with me and kept meticulous records of everything.

Winter Track

Indoors today is certainly nothing like it was back in 2004. Numerous trips to the Armory, Lawrenceville Prep, Princeton, Jersey City Armory, and of course the Bubble after it was built. How could we not forget sitting at Sal's after the 4:02.59 4x4 that placed at Meet of Champions. I know we don't miss getting back late from the Armory, but the girls loved seeing his headlamp on as he worked on stats on the bus ride home.

Sprins Track

Way too many memories here to even try and name. Our trips to the Hall of Fame Relays, GRR, Rowan, Penn, East Coast Relays, BC Open at the Shade, Olympic Conference at Pennsauken, Sectionals and States at Egg Harbor, MOC's at Jost Stadium, and traveling down to Greensboro for Outdoor Nationals. Being a part of the greatest dual meet in school history vs Lenape. Way too many trips to Sals Pizza, and let us not forget the angry whopper incident in Greensboro. At least we followed that up with La Bomba.

As I looked through some old pictures, it reminds me of the impact that you have not only had on me, but on all the girls that you have coached. I even got a throws coach to come to our XC Distance camp in West Virginia. Who knows, maybe the seed was planted for your future marathons in Blackwater Falls. Our school record board has completely changed as a result of you being here. I first saw you as a coworker and a coach, then saw you become a husband, and then a father. You have gone through many different roles, but you will always be a friend. We wish you much success as you move on to Audubon high school and the new challenges that will await you. Thank you for being a part of Lady Chiefs Tribe.


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